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Women and Mother Care Center

Photo: Woman and Mother's care. 


Mother Care is all about supporting moms when they need it most and supporting Families. Becoming a mother for the first time, or bringing a new child into your family is often a time of great excitement and joy. This time can also be very challenging because you are dealing with all sorts of physical changes and mood changes, while taking on a huge, new set of responsibilities all at the same time. In our experience, most women have periods of feeling overwhelmed and stressed during this major life transition. MotherCare clinical services were created to provide the support and community that women need during pregnancy and postpartum.
MotherCare services were designed with input from mothers and mothers-to-be, and guided by the philosophy of our clinicians at the Women’s Mental Health Program, that the best way to support women and mothers is to provide a community of supportive relationships. This, in turn, supports the relationships women are developing with their infant and children, and the changing relationships within her family. We believe that healthy and satisfying relationships are crucial to the health and well-being of women and families.

MotherCare services:

MotherCare Circle
Couples Therapy
Parent-Infant Relationship Support
MotherCare Circle

The Mother Care Circle is an educational and therapeutic support group led by members of our team with specialized training and experience in women’s mental health, working with families, and understanding and supporting parent-child relationships.

The Mother Care Circle aims to provide a safe and nurturing space for mothers and mothers-to-be:

1. To increase understanding of your relationship with your baby;
2. To explore your strengths and vulnerabilities as a parent;
3. To build confidence in your role as a mother;
4. To learn strategies for creating more satisfying relationships within your family;
5. To learn strategies for taking care of yourself

We do not want childcare to be a barrier to attending the Mother Care Circle, so though we do not encourage women to bring their children to the group, we also recognize that childcare arrangements may not be accessible. For this reason, child supervision will be provided in an adjoining room during group where volunteers will be available to engage children in play activities while group is meeting.




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