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Sleep Medicine Center



At Weill Cornell’s relocated and newly expanded, state-of-the-art Center for Sleep Medicine, our multi-disciplinary team is expert at evaluating the full range of sleep problems whether they arise from an underlying medical problem such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome, other underlying medical and psychiatric conditions, physical airway obstruction, or from poor sleep habits, stress, or anxiety.

Patients treated at the Center for Sleep Medicine are under the care of a comprehensive team that includes specialists in neurology, internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, ear nose and throat (ENT), pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, bariatric surgery, nutrition, and endocrinology. The Center accommodates patients for outpatient visits and overnight studies promptly and at their convenience.

We monitor patients using state of the art sleep-recording equipment in private rooms, each equipped with its own bathroom. Because pediatric and bariatric patients require special care, we have sleep study rooms with specialized monitoring equipment dedicated to these patients




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