Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital

Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital


Corporate Medical Services Center


Our wide ranging expertise are:


Corporate Medical solutions.

Offshore Medical Services.

Aeromedical consultations and Pilot Medical Assistance.

Travel Medicine guidance and remote location Medical Manning.

We have a well-grounded, reliable, and trustworthy background of experience in delivering fully integrated healthcare in a modern corporate environment. Our record in creative, productive, and resourceful health promotion is outstanding.

We have sustained growth on a sound base of long client relationships and are continuously enhancing and upgrading our range of services. Our team is well established and whilst it is growing we maintain our core values of good communication and a belief that your needs can only be served by experienced, accomplished and competent doctors.

We avoid using locum doctors or doctors on short-term contracts making us exceptional and rare in this field of corporate health care, by having full time doctors. We have the capacity and capability to deliver a nationwide service.


Our program is designed to:

Improve employee health and increase productivity.
Reduce and prevent illness and health related injury.
Lower health care costs and increase employee satisfaction.
Quick and safe return to work.
Create a positive company culture that promotes wellness, fitness, and team building.

For the corporate sector we provide a comprehensive group of medical services designed to maximize employee productivity and contain healthcare costs. We'll help you assess your company's specific needs and then recommend the program or combination of services that will best meet those needs. Our focus is on workplace productivity and health status improvement.




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