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This refractometer is designed specifically for pharmacies who track and test Narcotics and Drugs for possible diversion. The instrument is based on a proven design that has been supplied to pharmaceutical companies around the world making it a perfect Hospital Refractometer for dispensing Pharmacies measuring controlled substances such as Demerol, Fentanyl, Midazolam, Morphine PF, Ketamine, Meperidine, Sufentanil, Astramorph and others.

Before sending syringes to the operating room they measure a small quantity of the material. This measurement is labeled with a unique sample code and the results stored in the database.

When any unused Drug / Narcotic material is returned from the operating room the Pharmacist measures it again and keys in the unique sample ID. The instrument then checks the returned material reading against the reading of the initially issued sample and returns one of two results;

The results obtained from the narcotic diversion refractometer may become the subject of legal action and so the data storage system is designed in line with the FDA approved 21 CFR part 11 data storage guidelines. This means each user has a unique password and the instrument tracks which users made the measurements. Result cannot be deleted or altered and the instrument keeps a detailed audit trail so deliberate attempts at modifying results by mis-calibration and the like will be recorded.

The instrument can be used in either stand alone or network mode. When used in stand alone mode all data is automatically backed up to an external drive. When used in network mode all data is backed up to a network.





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